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Faculty of Law


Professor Avinash Govindjee, Executive Dean at the Faculty of Law, Nelson Mandela University, has co-edited a book about to be published by Routledge, one of the world’s leading academic publishers in the humanities and social sciences.


The book, entitled Transformative Law and Public Policy, explores the convergence of law and public policy. Drawing on case studies from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Australia, it examines how judicial and political institutions are closely linked to the socio-economic concerns of the citizens. The essays presented argue for the utilisation of both legislative and executive, private and public spheres of society as vehicles for transformative social change and to safeguard against violations of socio-economic rights. Prof Govindjee’s main contribution to the book is contained in a set of concluding reflections pertaining to “Transformative constitutionalism as a framework for law and policy integration in the global south”.

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