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Faculty of Law


Prof J Botha


The Faculty of Law would like to congratulate Prof Joanna Botha who has received a NRF Thuthuka Grant. Prof Botha applied for funding for the Post-PhD track which is intended for applicants wanting to become established researchers, by strengthening their research capabilities. The Grant funds a three-year research project, titled “Social Change for South Africa: a Law and Development Approach”

The research project aims to augment knowledge and understanding of the role of law in promoting development, governance, equality, social cohesion and social justice in South Africa. It critiques and explores law's capacity as a means to achieve social change in South Africa. The project aims to demonstrate that law, like policy, does not exist in a vacuum. The mere enactment of formal laws has little impact where law operates as an external normative framework irrelevant to context. In addition to analysing the role of law as an instrument to achieve change, the project also explores the link between the rule of law and development, given that the rule of law is generally regarded as a determinant of a country’s development.


The NRF Thuthuka Grant also creates funding for Masters and Doctoral research students who are researching in the same field.

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