The Faculty of Law, despite the fact that our staff student ratio is the highest in the institution, has had an impressive research record. Abstracts of our 2015 research outputs are presented in a booklet which is attached to this page.

There are a number of niche areas, including social security law, law of the sea and development in Africa (the Faculty also has a SARChI Chair in this field), human rights law, consumer law, Islamic marriages, to name but a few.

  • On 1 August 2016 High Court Judge and alumnus of the University, Willem Van der Linde presented a lecture on class actions to the faculty. While he was still a senior counsel, Judge van der Linde was involved in a number of class actions. His lecture is attached to this page.

The following books have been published by colleagues in the faculty or associated with the Faculty:

  1. Govindjee (ed) Introduction to Human Rights Law 2ed (2016) LexisNexis. The co-authors include Adv Glynis van der Walt, senior lecturer in the Department of Private Law, and Advocate Lilla Crause, adjunct professor in the Department of Public Law.
  1. Myburgh & Bosch Reviews in the Labour Courts (2016)

The authors are both associated with our faculty. Anton Myburg is an alumnus of the University of Port Elizabeth and an adjuct professor in the Department of Mercantile Law, while Craig Bosch has been involved with the Labour and Social Security Law Unit.

‚ÄčAcknowledgements: "We thank Tina Hokwana and Desiree David for helping us with the research around the amendments that were required. "

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