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Nelson Mandela University Faculty of Law: Academic Vacancies


The Nelson Mandela University Faculty of Law is growing. A new building, scheduled for completion in 2020 to coincide with the introduction of a revised LLB programme, will house the Faculty’s Research and Engagement Office, space for Honorary Professors, visiting Judges and a lecture theatre. The Faculty strives to be at the forefront of changes in legal education and is committed to explore new frontiers of learning, underpinned by a deep commitment to transformation and allegiance to the university’s values, including excellence, respect for diversity, integrity and ubuntu. If you are committed to upholding such values, are willing to experiment with innovative modes of teaching and research, and keen to apply your work to the benefit of students and broader society, these opportunities could be for you. The corridors of the Faculty are vibrant, filled with the voices of determined students and staff committed to living up to the university’s promise to “Change the World”. The Faculty of Law at Mandela is pleased to invite you to join its team by applying for one of the following vacancies:


  1. Department of Criminal and Procedural Law: Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor  
  2. Department of Mercantile Law: Associate Lecturer / Lecturer (two posts, one based in George)
  3. Department of Mercantile Law: Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor / Professor
  4. Department of Public Law: Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor


For specific details on each of these vacancies, please visit:


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