The Faculty of Law at Nelson Mandela University, invites you to an online public lecture by Dr Henry Lerm

Title: Introducing Interdisciplinary Learning for Medical and Law Students at University: A Path to Good Ethical Practice

Dr Lerm is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Criminal and Procedural Law at Nelson Mandela University and is associated with the SA Medical Law Association and the Legal Practice Council.

Dr Lerm was admitted as an attorney on 5 February 1987.  He is a respected member of the legal community with a wide range of experience in both and criminal litigation. He is a campaigner for transformation within the legal profession and a person with high moral values and high ethical standards. Henry possesses the ability to identify legal issues and to apply the law to solve them. He has sound knowledge of law, including Constitutional law, Medical law and Procedural law with a sound academic foundation, having completed his doctorate in law and presenting a wide range of seminars, workshops and lectures.




Professor Hendrik Lerm

Professor Deon Erasmus, Criminal & Procedural Law


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