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South African Research Chair in the Law of the Sea and Development in Africa


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The faculty of Law presents the first Picture This! photography competition. 

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"Student success is being self-aware, understanding one's own strengths and weaknesses, mindfully setting and achieving one's personal goals with persistence and commitment, and taking co-responsibility with staff and support structures to progress academically, and to graduate as holistically developed, responsible citizens." - Office for Institutional Planning


Nelson Mandela by Himself



"We occupied the land, the forests, the rivers; we extracted the mineral wealth beneath the soil and all the riches of this beautiful country. We set up and operated our own goverment, we controlled our own armies and we organised our own trade and commerce. The elders would tell tales of the wars fought by our ancestors in defence of the fatherland, as well as the acts of valour performed by generals and soldiers during those epic days."


-Nelson Mandela







Research Innovation Report



An annual report of all faculties within the Institution. 


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The Faculty of Law notes with grave concern the increased levels of inter-group hatred in South Africa and the many incidents of insidious hate speech, including the use of derogatory racial slurs, especially on social media sites.

The Faculty is committed to the advancement of freedom of expression in South Africa, but is also mindful of the fact that the right does not include the advocacy of group hatred, which incites others to cause harm, or the use of disparaging epithets to address the individual members of certain groups in society. Such speech undermines the integrity, dignity and equality of vulnerable group members, upsets social cohesion and nation building, and is not to be tolerated in the democratic society envisaged by the Constitution.

The staff and students of the Faculty of Law undertake to uphold and advance the Constitution and will not abide racism, the harmful stereotyping of target groups or the advocacy of group hatred inciting harm.